Open BlueDragon Steering Committee Interview Series - Adam Haskell

In our continuing series of interviews with the Open BlueDragon Steering Committee, it is my honor to introduce Adam Haskell to you.

What would you say is your biggest contribution to the CFML community?
To this point I've really been looking for a project to involve myself. I've never felt entirely drawn to any one framework or community project enough to get really involved. I've submitted bug reports and fixes to multiple frameworks but have never stepped up to the plate to be a full time contributor. To this point my biggest contribution to the CFML community has been my contributions to discussions whether it be on blogs or responses on house of fusion.
Tell us about a CFML project you were involved with?
Just a single project? I'm still very proud of my work at Parts Express and integrating with Amazon's Merchant Services. We were one of the first companies to go live using their web services to publish our inventory to sell on Amazon. We were doing mime attachments through SOAP with a draft spec so it was pretty cutting edge. It was also my first project to use CFCs and admittedly I used cfinclude to "use" my first CFC! It was an awesome project and I learned a lot about B2B interactions and Java/ColdFusion integration, oh and how to use CFC the correct way.
Do you think the CFML market is shrinking, growing, or just staying the same?
I've never felt that the external facing front of CFML has been strong, and I honestly think that is shrinking. This gives the perception that the CFML market is shrinking but I can tell you that in my company (a Fortune 26 company) CFML applications are an integral part of greenfield development.
In your experience, what is the biggest problem facing new developers coming to CFML?
Learning curve, its too easy. Just kidding Cost and institutional support.
Why does Open BlueDragon interest you?
I have become enamored with open source software. I have really enjoyed using JBoss, and eclipse, internally we've made plugns for eclipse and I think that is extremely powerful. I am also one of the many that have the belief, correct or not, that cost is a barrier to entry for CFML and OpenBD removes this barrier. I think this alone will open new opportunities to grow the community.
What are you hoping to bring to the Steering Committee?
My devastatingly good looks and witty humor. Well, that and I hope to bring my experience training and working with developers that do not have a background in web development. I'm also fortunate to work alongside a great community of web savvy developers(both CFML and not) in a our enterprise environment that focuses on JEE deployments. I hope to bring my experience with build automation, packaging, and training.
What one thing did CFML get right compared to other languages?
Being a Dynamic language, but I suppose that is a bit too general. The way CFML exposes database interaction, or rather hides the complexities (creating data sources, managing the pools and connections), really allows a developer to concentrate on the solution instead of generating a bunch of boilerplate code.
What one thing would you like to change about CFML?
Just one thing?? cfscript and its halfassedness is one of my biggest annoyances. I'd like to see it more fully match the tagged language. I really dislike the explanation that I can write a bunch of UDFs to expose tags for use in cfscript.
Your development environment of choice?
Eclipse and textedit for on the fly editing. Deploying onto JBoss but Glassfish is reeeaallly growing on me!
Looking ahead 12months, what needs to happen before we can claim Open BD a success
I think there are multiple criterion for success and we'll discover new criteria as we move forward with this project. At this point I see our first major milestone as being a successful point, or version, release that incorporates functionality suggested by the community, voted on by the committee, executed by New Atlanta (or others), and verified/accepted by the community. In order for us to claim success I think we also need to see company adoption of Open BlueDragon, and contributions to the project from the community. Not realy even code contributions but help with documentation, tutorials and evangelizing the product. Nothing less than world domination really.

Contact Adam @ adam.haskell@openbluedragon.org


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