I want to believe

Yesterday I went excitedly to see the new X-Files movie. Being a long term fan of this excellent series I had high expectations, especially since the trailer promised so much. However by the end of it, I was somewhat left wanting.

The problem with this movie, is that it's not a movie, but an extended episode. It is one of those special one-off episodes that each season used to have maybe 5 of 6 of (out of 24) that had nothing at all to do with the running story of alien abduction and government conspiracy.

Don't get me wrong, these episodes produced some of the most brilliant classic moments of X-Files, including my favourite 'Bad Blood' where the story is told twice each from Scully's and Mulder's point of view. But the movie felt strained here, and even with Billy Connolly playing an excellent choir-boy-buggering-ex-priest, the premise of pulling Fox Mulder in from 'retirement' was completely and utterly infeasible in the context of the wider X-Files picture. There are of course some really nice subtle references in both dialogue and background for the die hard fans.

For me, this movie was not worthy of a cinematic visit and could have easily have waited until it came to your nearest download outlet, whatever shape or form that may take.

We've all heard that saying that the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction, and in light of a failed X-Files experience, It is good to read that the 6th man ever to step foot on the moon has caused a bit of a stir by going on record by putting his weight behind the notion of aliens.

Edgar Mitchell, claims aliens or visitors, have been visiting and watching us for years, under the full knowledge of the government. Naturally the worlds governments have been covering it to protect us earth citizens.

While personally I believe we are definitely not alone, I stop short of thinking they are amongst us at the moment. I don't think Mitchell is a crack pot, but I think he is definitely smoking something if he thinks the worlds governments are competent enough to cover something of this size up.

As Mulder says, I want to believe


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