John Higgins knocks out Ronnie O'Sullivan in spectacular fashion

They often say that Ronnie O'Sullivan is the greatest player snooker has ever seen. Sheer natural talent they say. However, that wasn't much help to him as John Higgins simply out classed him at every turn.

Ronnie struggled throughout the whole match never gaining any lead nor showing any real indication that he was the 'genius' every one kept on talking about.

Ronnie, is a good player without a doubt, but not the greatest snooker player, as was quite clearly demonstrated in this match against John Higgins. That said, Ronnie even struggled in second round against Neil Robertson, edging through at 13 frames to 10.

John Higgins played some outstanding snooker. Just when Ronnie thought the frame was his, leaving his opponent needing all the reds+blacks, Higgins fought back with some wonderful frame clenching breaks.

This was snooker at its best, each player playing to the best of their ability each one waiting until the other made a slight mistake that would allow the other in to grab the frame. Unfortunately for Ronnie, he made more mistakes and John was quick to pounce on them.


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