Just what are Google up to now?

Have you noticed any difference with the search results from Google of late?  You do a search as per normal, but some links don't link directly to the site in question, but bounce through Google first.  It is as if they are tracking the click through rates.

They just released which searches just the blog world (or anything that publishes a feed).   Be interesting to see how long before we have commercial sites start popping up here abusing the result sets. What's nice here is that technically speaking by them using just the RSS/ATOM data then it should be a lot more relevant.  No fluff or headers to confuse the search, but thats just a matter of time before people start abusing that and inserting that rogue data into their RSS feeds.  These pages are adword free at the moment.

That said, note that on this, every link is being bounced through the redirect URL<url here>

I don't have a problem this, but I suspect we are about to see a new service released in the future to rival Amazon's Alexa tracking service.  Or, since Google's main revenue is advertising, they may use this information to determine which links are most likely to get a click through and price accordingly.

Reliance on a single company to give me a view of the Internet always concerns me, so in an effort to explore outside, I am trying to de-Google myself when I reach for a search engine.  It is amazing the range of different results.  I can't tell yet which is better.


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