Google Earth Warning (Game idea)

Do not download Google Earth if you value your productivity, it will draw you in and have you jumping all over the globe, zooming in and out, tilting, rotating and following those dark streets you always wondered where they lead.

Kirk and I spent a significant amount of time last night trading email google-earth hyperlinks that instantly flew us to the others location. This got me thinking. What a wonderful platform to build a great treasure hunt game. Here is how I think it would work:
  1. Say Coca-Cola ran this as a PR campaign. The first clue would be "Where the real-taste comes from?" and this would take you to their head offices in Atlanta. When you get to the building, there will be a pin on it that will describe the next clue.
  2. So this is the easy part, putting pins on the map for everyone to read is a cool feature of Google Earth, but that means they are searchable so people could cheat. But since you have photographic arieal pictures you can use landmarks for your next clue. Say "Take the number of cars parked in the nearest Walmart to this location, follow Highway X for that number of junctions and turn left." and so on and so on.
A massive treasure hunt on a global scale. It would also be a wonderful teaching aid for school kids (and some adults), with a treasure hunt based around historical monuments across the world. Kids have no excuse now for poor geography with the beauty of the tool is that it sucks you in and you find yourself surfing in the traditional web manner, hopping from one location to another as your brain whirls away coming up with more and more places to visit.


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