75% of Google's Blogspot are spam blogs - PC World claims

The Download Squad ran a post yesterday (thanks Andy for the heads up) noting a recent PCWorld article that claims that 3 out of every 4 blogs on Google's Blogspot are spam blogs.  That's 75% of blogs that are sitting there but doing nothing except cluttering up the internet with endless links and redirections.

Fighting spam
There is a major problem with spam in the blog world; be it the blog themselves, comments, chatboards or even the classic trackbacks.

We do active monitoring for all kinds of patterns and we nuke spam pretty early on.  Our trackback spam is now down to very low levels and since introducing the new comments system, the spam we receive on that has dropped like a stone.  But the best defense is asking your users to help.  We have a "Report Spam" button that makes it very easy for us to mass nuke attacks quickly.

I would like to thank Google for continuing to offer a free (and very basic) blogging service - gives the spammers somewhere to go.



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