Upcoming online webinar - Flying through the clouds

On October the 14th, you can register for a talk I will be giving on the wonders of cloud computing and what it means for you in the trenches, being kindly organized by Grid Computing Now! organization.

Cloud computing means different things to different people. Each company has their own marketing spin on what it means to them. I will be cutting through this spin and giving you the real facts as to what it all means and how you can actually put this new medium to work for you. Debuzz wording the world of clouds.

I will be presenting a small subset of the content I intend to present at the upcoming Cloud Boot camp in San Jose in November. This will be a full day of cloudness, where by I delve deep into all the real world issues and have you coming out armed with the tools to take your enterprise to the next level.

Register for the free event here


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