Bound for EuroOSCON @ Amsterdam

Next week is EuroOSCON in Amsterdam. I am scheduled to be talking on Participatory Testing next Wednesday at 11:35. I will be talking about what we do at SpikeSource in terms of our testing framework and how you can utilise that framework for your own purposes.

Track: Products & Services
Date: Wednesday, 19 October 2005
Time: 11:35 - 12:20
Location: Seasons Room

Traditional and existing open source testing methodologies are necessary and useful, but they do not take full advantage of the "architecture of participation," which makes open source development so powerful. SpikeSource's goal is to facilitate the adoption of open source software in the enterprise through testing, certification, and support services. SpikeSource has built a "Participatory Testing System" that allows developers to participate by testing their applications as the payload. The test submission service provides a collaborative testing environment for the open source community to contribute tests to help improve the quality of open source components. This talk presents an overview of how Participatory Testing can work as well as demonstrates associated interfaces and tool sets.

The last time I was in Amsterdam, they were setting the streets on fire. One can only imagine the horrors that await me this trip. I will be blogging the conference as it happens from


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