Google does not want you in America

I am not one for conspiracy theories, unless its a really good one, but I think Google has a secret agenda not to let foreigners into their home country of America.

The Department of Homeland Security in their finite wisdom has decided that every visitor coming to their fine land has to fill out a form online now before even stepping on the plane. Their default position, being that you are a potential terrorist until proven otherwise stands, and now if you don't have access to a computer you are of course trying to subvert the system and can have only harm in your sights.

But everyone has access to the internet no? Well not according to the UK National Statistics that state only the 65% of households in the UK have Internet access. It gets worse, if you are someone with no formal qualifications, only 56% of this populous has access.

The website you would think would be the pinnacle of useability and design, to ensure maximum availability and ease of use. Mmmm not quite. First thing you notice is that the URL is somewhat obscure, with a real easy to remember endpoint. Doesn't get much better after that sadly. Never thought I'd actually be sad to see the infamous green form phased out!

Although, be careful what software you use to get there with. Google's Chrome browser doesn't like the site and quickly welcomes you with the following error page. Someone doesn't want you coming to the party.

Seems to work on FireFox and IE though.

Remember from today, the 12th January, you will have to fill out this form before you step on a plane or you could be delayed.

Safe flight!


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