... if Doctor Who got remade in the US, what would change?

My wife and I were channel hopping last night and caught some of the US version of the The Office with Steve Carell. While it was good, there was definitely that Ricky Gervais element missing.

We are both huge Doctor Who and Torchwood fans, and sometimes get frustrated that the BBC produces very short series; 12 or 13 episodes. Where as the Americans (strike not withstanding) can manage nearly twice that.

blue police box

Assume Torchwood wouldn't get remade, since it is already a sexually intense X-Files, what if Doctor Who got remade in the US? How would it differ?

The TARDIS would be the first to be Americanised, but replaced with what? We couldn't really come up with a suitable time-travel box for the American Doctor! A yellow cab?

But really, could anyone beat David Tennant as Doctor? He brings just the right balance that is needed from the Doctor. The second best, would have to be Tom Baker, he too brought that special wit to the Doctor.


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