Cloud Boot Camp heads to Prague May 19th

It only seems like a few weeks ago we were in New York delivering a full days worth of Cloud Boot Camp, and here we are again, preparing to head down to Prague to repeat the experience at Cloud-Computing Expo Europe.

We have a packed schedule, with all the usual goodies, and with updated material since New York. Yes, the cloud world is moving fast, and no slide deck can be left to gather dust for even a few days! But that's not to instil panic in you - Cloud computing is here and is ready to be put to work today.

Our boot camp will illustrate this including all the gotcha's or as someone once commented "we know where the dead bodies are buired!".

I am pleased to have Owen Garrett from Zeus Technology, the company behind some of the most advanced load balancers available. Owen will be coming along to let us know some of the options available for load balancing with and without of the cloud, utilising a number of different technologies.

We have 7 packed end-2-end sessions to churn through, and if San Jose/New York are anything to go by, be prepared for a lively engaging environment with lots of questions and discussions going back and forth. We have a lot of real world information to offer you on how you can really put the various cloud providers to work.

See you next week in Prague.


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