Closing Time

Well that is me finally back in the driving seat after spending a couple of weeks in Italy, celebrating the wedding of my best mate and business partner, AW2. I am just getting caught up with emails and various pieces of news. Only been away a couple of weeks, and it appears a lot has happened (IBM withdraws offer to buy SUN, Google releases Java for AppEngine [OpenBD is running there already incidentally]).

During the Italian break, I nipped back and forth to New York to attend the Cloud Computing Expo and deliver the boot camp. After that, I was pretty much without bandwidth.

I was due to talk at a couple of separate conferences here in the UK. But sadly, I have just read emails from both the conference organizers that their doors are to be closed. They just can't get the numbers in and in their own words:

"Despite our marketing efforts and the strong content of the programme, unfortunately we did not get enough bookings to be able to fund the conference, which we believe is probably due to the current economic climate."

Their emails came literally within days of each other. The last 6 months has seen a number of conferences fall off the radar due to various economic situations and just proves how hard it is to host such an event. It can just take one large sponsor to pull the funding and boom, its all over.

On the Dublin - JFK Aer Lingus hop, I discovered this little video nugget that I just can't keep my hands off. Sadly, it seems very apt considering the news about the various conferences closing.

With all that said, Cloud Computing Expo, is still heading for Prague in May, where I will once again deliver the Cloud Boot Camp. Content will be updated and programme adjusted to take into account all the great feedback from the New York a couple of weeks ago. So see you there.

In the mean time, enjoy Leonard Cohen's "Closing Time" and raise a glass to those that have fallen to the side.


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