Have you found Carla Bruni yet?

Long before I knew who or what she was, there was a song, tucked away in a compilation album that stood out from the rest. It was a French ballad, sung by a lady with a very soft voice, Quelqu'un m'a Dit, and I couldn't keep my hands off it. If there was a song that could physically arouse you, then this would probably be in the Top 3.

I later found out who the singer was, a one Carla Bruni, a Italian supermodel turned singer/songwriter. No wonder I was being aroused! A quick noodle around, one soon discovered that this was not a lady that had a one a hit wonder. Carla Bruni has a couple of albums to her name, one exclusively in French and another all English.

Her latest album, "No Promises", is fantastic, with a number of stand out tracks. The "If you were coming in the fall" is a great toe tapper even though it has the same rift from Beautiful South's "Perfect Ten".

If you haven't heard of her before then I would recommend you check her out; it will brighten your day.


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