Buddy Holly and thigh slapping

BBC Radio 2 had a very interesting documentary on Buddy Holly last night.  I always love hearing the stories of Buddy Holly, because I have this dream that in one of them he decides not to take that fateful plane ride and continues a great music life.  Had my dream come true, he would have been 70 on the 7th September.

 My old musician mucker, Keith Douglas plays a lot of his stuff and once planted in my mind an image that has never really shifted. On the track, Everyday, there is this continual beating noise in the background. Keith had once told me it was made by Buddy putting his wife over his knee and continually slapping her throughout the song.

Well the truth isn't as far away from that as may think.  They had one of the session musicians on last night and he explained how that sound originated.  Apparently they recording that track and to start the beat one of them slapped his trousers leg and it made this wonderful crack noise when the producer spotted it in his booth.  They then rigged up a microphone specifically for it and he was forever condeemed to bang his trousers leg!

Another interesting factoid that popped out was dispelling some myths surrounding Buddy Holly's visit to the UK and the Beatles.  Common folklore has it that Paul McCartney and John Lennon where in the audience of one of his concerts and was inspired by a few of his songs.  They never actually seen Buddy Holly play a single song let alone a concert.  Paul McCartney was interviewed on the documentary and did note that Buddy Holly inspired John to be comfortable with wearing glasses on stage.  Lennon was blind as a bat without them McCartney noted, and when he seen all the posters and interviews with Buddy and his "national health specs" he found the confidence to wear his in public.

The Wikipedia entry had this wrong, so in true for-the-people-by-the-people mentality I made a correction.


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