Introducing the Open BlueDragon Steering Committee

As chairman of the newly formed Open BlueDragon Steering Committee, it is my honor to announce the first ever steering committee that will lead, guide, advise and mentor the project through its life cycle.

These gentlemen need no introductions. With well known names in the CFML community we have a representative from all walks of our industry. From high performance, to massively scalable, to hosting, to standards, to community leaders, to tools developers, to language experts, we have it all here within this select group.

As part of their introductions, I asked each of them for their vision for CFML and Open BlueDragon. Here are their answers in their own words.

Peter Amiri


I have had the privilege to walk into many different environments and analyze, architect, and ultimately code many different projects. I hope to be able to dispel the scalability myth similar to the way we were able to do it at MySpace.



I look at it from upside-down. Open BlueDragon is already a success!

Adam Haskell


"I want the CFML language to stay true to itself and continue to grow in its own manner. Borrowing from other languages is always good as long as CFML stays true to itself, that is a big concern/focus of mine."

Jordan Michaels


We all know about the many benefits of CFML ... but the cost is a mental block for most folks. With an open source version of BD, I believe we can get past that mental block and make inroads where we couldn't before - and that's extremely exciting to me

Alan Williamson


The biggest take up will be the distribution of CF apps; both in terms of hosting and also getting smaller apps up and running without having to haul around a huge and costly commercial engine. More tags/functions and reaching into other languages/platforms (aka mobile).

Matt Woodward


I have big hopes for the open source edition of BlueDragon and what it can mean for CFML as a language. I also am a huge proponent of open source software for purely philosophical reasons, and I'd be lying if I said it hasn't caused me to re-evaluate my heavy use of CFML.

Andy Wu


It frustrates me that the CFML language is often overlooked just because it can't swim in the open source pool. OpenBD excites me moving forward as we break down preconceived conceptions and show people what really can be done.

I am very excited at the quality and pace of discussions from the individuals above so far and never before have I have felt so confident about the future of the CFML langauge.

Remember you too can get involved by joining the public Open BlueDragon mailing list.

Update 26th May 2008: Mark Drew has sadly resigned his post due to the fact he is stretched all over the place as it is. We do not want to see cfEclipse suffer as a result, so he has been sent back to that coal face! We are proud to introduce Nitai to the Steering Committee.


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