BlueDragon Open Source Future - Get Involved

We getting on very well with the preparation for open sourcing BlueDragon. There is a lot still to be done, but since we are all so excited at the possibilities and potential, we're finding the extra time from somewhere!

As Vince has indicated previously in his posts, we will be establishing a Steering Committee for the purposes of mentoring and guiding the future of BlueDragon. I will be heading up this Committee as the the Chairman. In addition, I will be the official New Atlanta representative on this Committee making sure our commercial interests are represented.

Another member of this list, will be our Code Tsar Andy Wu. No one knows the internal workings of BlueDragon like Andy does and as the frontend gatekeeper of the integrity of the code base, all additions and patches will have to get past Andy first.

So with that all said, we are now accepting nominations for this Committee. You can nominate yourself, or someone you feel would be a good strong guiding light for BlueDragon and CFML in general. We've got a couple of big names secured already, but will hold off from announcing them for the time being.

This will be a working committee, in terms of contributing your views and ideas about the future of BlueDragon. The Committee will not be responsible for maintaining or writing any Java code, so no worries there. We want seasoned CFML people on this list. People that know the language inside out. People that have a voice. People that have a vision. We don't want wallflowers to be on there just for the sake of saying they are there. The future is in your hands.

So if you think you fit this bill, or know someone that does, then please email me at, and we'll be happy to put your name into the mix as we shape the Committee.

Incidentally, check out this weeks ColdFusionWeekly Podcast, where they discuss the open source of CFML.


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