CFML goes mobile with BlueDragon Open Source and Google Android

We can't begin to tell you how excited we are about the future of CFML and BlueDragon. I have already highlighted in previous blog entries some of the cool things you will be able to do, completely Free-of-Charge when the GPL version of BlueDragon hits the wires in a few weeks.

This latest development from one of the best free web containers around, Jetty, has got us jumping up and down like cats on hot tin. Greg Wilkins, the genius behind Jetty, has released iJetty. This is a port of the Jetty servlet container to run within the Google Android handset.

This basically means, that we will be able to produce a version of BlueDragon that will be able to utilise this platform and to cut a long story short, your CFML apps are now mobile!

Now for a little bit of history. Way back in the early days of BlueDragon, we actually did port an early version of the engine onto the popular iPAQ handheld, using the SaveJa operating system. I apologise in advance to Andy for use of this photo! But here is BlueDragon running on a mobile device in 2002. We demonstrated this at the JavaExpo show in New York.

I think we were somewhat a head of the curve back then. People weren't really ready for mobile applications 6 years ago and didn't really know what to do with it. Today, the landscape is so much different with the availability of high powered devices and very cheap mobile data plans.

The possibilities are endless. CFML is a language we know and love. We all know how quick it is to knock up really quick one-page apps. Now imagine taking those apps with you on your mobile device.

Just think, you all sitting in a bar/pub. Only one of you has a Google Android handset running your CFML app on BlueDragon OpenSource Mobile. Everyone in the bar can now connect to your CFML app via their inbuilt webbrowsers and access your app that way! Andy Allan could finally combine two of his favourite activities in one swoop - socialising (drinking?) and CFML!

What can you deliver in this experience? Well thats down to your imagination! You will have access to the GPS position of the phone and most likely the Bluetooth API so you can tell who is immediately around you.

Thought you were only a web developer? THINK AGAIN! You're a mobile expert now!

Google has ambitous plans for their Android platform, looking to really dominate the phone market. If you are new to the Google Andriod offering, then watch this short video straight from the horses mouth.

The Steering Committee will be dicussing this intensively as we may look to bless a BlueDragon.OpenSource.Mobile sandbox project to take advantage of this new emerging platform. What J2ME is to Java, BlueDragon.Mobile would be to BlueDragon.

Now we will be able to look at the mobile landscape and see how we utilise the CFML language on the move.


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