BlueDragon + Amazon = Huge Earning Potential

Yesterday I talked about our recent announcement regarding the future of BlueDragon and where we will be taking it in the very near future. I went over some of the scenario's regarding what it means to you who operate within the CFML community.

I wanted to give a real example of how you could now make real money from your CFML application without having to worry about deployment, installation or even hosting. By combining the power of the BlueDragon and the services offered by Amazon, you can literally go to bed at night and wake up and see how much money you earned last night.

Imagine you've built a beautiful killer web application. This could be anything. It could be a content management system. It could be a killer blogging platform. It could be a secure office extranent.

Now how do you get this application into the hands of your potential customer?

Well the traditional route is to get them to setup a server with CFML installed on it, setup a database (if required), web server, and then deploy your application on to it, coupled with all the usual installation support problems that involves. Then you have to secure the server up, and probably, find hosting for it somewhere.

Before you know it, your killer application has now had the worries of the world wrapped around its neck and what was once a very attractive proposition has now become a resource nightmare and a billing hell for your client. Not only do they have to buy the server, they have to find somewhere to host it, buy the CFML engine license, and thats all before you get your money!

But now there is a much easier way - a single point of billing. No complications no hassles.

Using the Amazon DevPay web service, you can create an Amazon EC2 image (which is very similar to a VMWare/XEN image), with BlueDragon and your web application on it.

When someone wants to use your service you have Amazon create you a brand new instance that runs on its own virtual server. Amazon will take care of all the billing for you, making sure the end client is billed for all the bandwidth and CPU cost, plus any extra you want to build in for yourself. You move away from a single one-off payment to a usage payment, with no scalability problems or payment issues (if the client can't pay he loses the service, Amazon will take care of that for you!)

So if your blogging application, becomes very popular, and you need to ship 1000 servers, you don't need to worry. Amazon will do all that for you, at a price and speed that no conventional hosting company will be able to match.

Such a setup was physically impossible before BlueDragon OpenSource. Can you imagine adding in the cost of a server license each time you had to provision a new instance? Makes it a non-starter.

Your business shifts from providing shrink wrapped solutions, to providing on demand scalable services, thanks to the enterprise level features on offer from Amazon. Best of all, no installation problems as you have pre-configured every instance to run up as it should.

This is the sort of power and opportunities that BlueDragon can bring to your CFML future.


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