After 4 months, we release v6 of Blog-City

We've been working for the past 4 months on the new release of Blog-City.  The main change that we bring with this release is the new administration.  I don't want to go dropping buzzwords like Web2.0 or anything silly like that, but enough to say its been redesigned from the ground up to utilise various AJAX and DHTML technologies.  What does this mean to the average user who really doesn't care for buzzwords?

Well it means quicker and easier access to their wealth of content they have produced.  Composing an entry now for example is a simple one stop shop to set up all settings.   This makes sense to both user and server a like.  We reduce the load and round trip times and user can do everything in one go.  Sounds simple, but as the years moved on, and the number of features users asked us for it was getting a bit challenging to lay everything out logically but without clutter.

In addition to the new adminstration area we've released a whole new bunch of major features for people to get their teeth into.

  1. Forums -- Every blog/site comes with a fully threaded forum in much the same style as the phpBB
  2. Multiple Administrators -- You can now invite others into help you run your blog and give them certain rights as to what they can and can't do.
  3. Private Areas -- Every blog comes with a complete secure members only area.  You can have as many of these as you wish, each with their own layout and separate members lists.   You can also monitor who is logging in and when.
  4. YouTube/Flickr/Amazon integration -- now unlike what some other 'blogging' sites claim, we offer true integration.  You can browse the latest/search the latest YouTube site and insert the video directly (choice of sizes) or simply the thumbnail image.  No need to visit YouTube or even cut'n'paste code.
  5. Branding Off - For premium users you can remove all Blog-City branding from your blog.  This is a feature many of our hard core bloggers have asked for.
  6. Multiple domains -- You can use multiple domains for your site nominating the primary one.
  7. Email Forwarding -- Every blog comes with 10 email aliases to use as you see fit

Another big change is that we will no longer be offering free blog accounts.  This will no doubt upset some, but we really don't need to compete in this space.  There are plenty of big blogging shops out there that are invested to the hilt with VC money and they can spend the money supporting and hosting them.  In our experience, if the blogger never signed up for premium in the first 30 days we never had them as a paid customer. 

We never sold advertising and do not intend ever to do so.  Advertising is so tacky and such a horrible way to make money.  Instead we are offering fully functional 30 day trial sites, with a very low premium rate for those that wish to remain with us.  We have a very high conversion rate and we want to devote our time and energy on those that pay for the service.

I would like to thank all those that have helped shape version 6 as their input has been invaluable.

To checkout it out sign up for a free trial;  


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