10 things I didn't know last week

 Although not quite sure why I am starting my weeks on a Sunday - just the way it works out while I have a little morning time with the boy.

  1. The Python language has developers swearing and cursing the least.  More.

  2. Continuing my quest to get Java to work on AOL's browser I read from Sun that "AOL is not a supported browser for Sun Java.Oh well.

  3. In the search engine world, has become my new default search engine and so far giving me everything I need on the first page of results

  4. Speaking of search engines, Google has launched a new search engine to try out new ideas.  So far it is not to everyones liking.

  5. Released a project on SourceForge this week.  Was impressed at how complete and feature rich it is compared to say Google's offering.

  6. Despite all this rampant talk of illegal downloads killing off CD sales, my CD purchase of Runrig's Proterra is a very good listen.

  7. The SciFi channels Eureka is turning out to be a great wee series; think X-Files meets Northern Exposure.

  8. The bumbo baby seat is one of the better inventions to be targetted for your siblings.

  9. The world does not stop spinning if you ignore rude, nasty or even patronizing support emails.

  10. Finally, You are never too young to change career; my father at nearly 60 has and is absolutely loving it.


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