10 things I didn't know last week

 The last week was a little different from most as I was out and about, but after some reflection here are big takeaways for this week.

  1. MySQL 5.0.12 introduced a very handy SQL function sleep() that is a wonderful tool for testing how your client software reacts when faced with long running queries.  read more

  2. The majority of automatic ticket machines in Dutch train stations do not accept credit-cards. Attempting to buy a ticket on the train will result in a 35euro fine! read more

  3. The Java Virtual Machine has over 400 command line switches to tweek and play with for performance tuning. Courtesy of Simon Ritter's talk at NLJUG

  4. The romance of air travel is definitely over with, now that we are no longer allowed the humble toothpaste or deodorant on board - long haul flights are getting smelly affairs!

  5. Consider changing your mobile price plan, not only am I saving around £30 per month, I am now using my mobile a lot more to make calls during the day. read more

  6. In the world of online poker, the American's are no more.  As an online player, haven't noticed a big difference.

  7. Sun's new SPOT sensor device looks seriously cool and as soon as they become available I will be playing with them.  read more

  8. Take 1 wonderful wife, 2 bottles of red wine, 1 Eddie Izzard DVD, 1 laptop (with online poker), 1 packet of Revels, add them altogether and you have the makings of a wonderful, funny, chilled-out and profitably evening.

  9. Summer here in the UK is tettering out; we turned on the central heating in the house this week for a quick blast, but have yet to put it on auto timer - still holding out!

  10. Finally, the best gift you can give a child is your time - they love being with you.
inspired from the BBC weekly series


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