10 things I didn't know last week

In the week of 23rd of September, the following is a list of things I have discovered (in no particular order):

  1. Checking the true speed of your Broadband ADSL connection can be done via a special site maintained by BT, which is particularly useful information to pass to your ISP if you are convinced the speed of your line has dropped.
  2. Java Applets are pretty much a dead technology; time to cut them loose and concentrate on the areas where Java is strong.
  3. While VMWare is a seriously cool and useful piece of software, network problems follow even the best us.
  4. Aaron Sorkin proved it with West Wing and does it again with his new series Studio 60 ; this is a new show that is compelling viewing.
  5. Runrig are still alive and kicking.  We grabbed our tickets to their Loch Ness concert next August 2007 .  Their Loch Lomond concert nearly 15 years ago was outstanding.
  6. Due to the industrial nature of our lives and the work ethic of Monday-to-Friday routines; Saturday is the day of the week that rains the most.   Speaking of a 7 day week, early Romans had an 8 day week.
  7. While the Tom Hanks movie Da Vinci Code was no where near as good as the book, the soundtrack by Hans Zimmer is top quality.
  8. The value of your poker chips can go up as well as down, and playing a pair of 2 2 beyond the flop may seem like crazy play, but it turned out to a be blinding move as the other pair of 2's popped out on the table!  Funny old game.
  9. We never spend enough time with our outer-family.  I recently rediscovered a cousin I have not seen in 17 years and we've been living parallel lives in that time.
  10. We don't value our health enough.  Our good friends lives have been thrown into chaos as their young baby is in hospital going through all manners of tests.  Hug your children.


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